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Miscellaneous Information:

Founded in 1983, the Hong Kong Composers' Guild is a professional association of serious composers with objectives to promote and cultivate music composition in Hong Kong. Apart from organizing concerts, publishing scores and producing recordings of works by Hong Kong composers, the Hong Kong Composers' Guild also takes an active part in arousing interest in composition especially amongst youths and in developing music as a vital creative art form in Hong Kong. Organizing composition competitions and sending composers to the community and schools are its regular activities. The Guild works closely with professional musicians and institutions in not just concert performances, but orchestration workshops, field trips, forum, commissions, and community services. As one of the cultural embassadors of our city, the Hong Kong Composers’ Guild has also established strong links with many international organizations and has played a significant role in international music exchanges. Apart from being the Founding Member of the Asian Composers' League, the Guild is a National Section of the International Society for Contemporary Music. It also co-operates with RTHK to send a composer as representative to the International Rostrum of Composers organized by UNESCO in Paris each year. Since July 2010, the Guild has been become one of the Year Grantees of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council, the founding of which has enabled the Guild to hire a staff and set up a small office in Hong Kong Arts Centre.