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  • Ju Percussion Group
  • ACL Officials and Honorary Members, at the Seoul ACL Festival 2009
  • National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra [ACL Outstanding Performers Award 2011]
  • An orchestra of Japanese traditional instruments at the 2010 Asian Music Festival in Tokyo.
  • Delegates at the 29th ACL Conference & Festival, Taiwan 2011
  • Founding Meeting of the Asian Composers League, Hong Kong, 1973
  • Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra [ACL Outstanding Performers Award 2007]
  • Ju Percussion Group, Taiwan [ACL Outstanding Performers Award 2011]

The Asian Composers League (ACL) is the most vibrant and active contemporary music organization in the Asia-Pacific region today. It was established in 1973 by leading composers from Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong and Korea.

Its primary objectives are:

  • To promote, preserve, and develop the musical cultures of the Asia-Pacific region, particularly in the field of music composition; and
  • To further interests of composers in the Asia-Pacific region through representation and negotiation, and to achieve recognition of their rights in national and international law.

The official member countries/regions are:

The Conference and Festival are magnificent events which are held annually and biennially, hosted by the member countries under the auspices of the ACL. It is an important venue for promising Asian-Pacific composers with different cultural backgrounds to present their works, exchange ideas and build solidarity amongst themselves.