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AUSTRALIA [Melbourne Composers League]

ACL Branch
c/- Melbourne Composers League
Box 2518
Fitzroy Business Centre VIC 3065
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Webpage: http://www.melbournecomposersleague.com

The Melbourne Composers League is a not-for-profit association of Melbourne and regional Victorian composers, formed principally to further the interests of those working within this geographic region.

The League aspires to promote contemporary art music activities in Victoria within the context of the Asia-Pacific region. The MCL seeks to work with national and international organisations that are interested in composition, promotion and performance of indigenous and contemporary art music.

The MCL aims to:

  • produce performances and recordings of high artistic merit
  • foster the development of contemporary music composition
  • build and deepen cultural ties between Asian and Victorian organisations, performers and composers
  • network with Victorian organisations involved in contemporary music, and
  • foster an audience for contemporary art music with an emphasis on Victorian/Asian repertoire.

HONG KONG [Hong Kong Composers Guild]

Hong Kong Composers Guild Limited
c/o the Composers & Authors Society of Hong Kong
18/F Universal Trade Centre
3 Arbuthnot Road
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Webpage: http://www.hkcg.org

Founded in 1983, the Hong Kong Composers' Guild is a professional association of serious composers with objectives to promote and cultivate music composition in Hong Kong. Apart from organizing concerts, publishing scores and producing recordings of works by Hong Kong composers, the Hong Kong Composers' Guild also takes an active part in arousing interest in composition especially amongst youths and in developing music as a vital creative art form in Hong Kong. Organizing composition competitions and sending composers to the community and schools are its regular activities. The Guild works closely with professional musicians and institutions in not just concert performances, but orchestration workshops, field trips, forum, commissions, and community services. As one of the cultural embassadors of our city, the Hong Kong Composers’ Guild has also established strong links with many international organizations and has played a significant role in international music exchanges. Apart from being the Founding Member of the Asian Composers' League, the Guild is a National Section of the International Society for Contemporary Music. It also co-operates with RTHK to send a composer as representative to the International Rostrum of Composers organized by UNESCO in Paris each year. Since July 2010, the Guild has been become one of the Year Grantees of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council, the founding of which has enabled the Guild to hire a staff and set up a small office in Hong Kong Arts Centre.


ISRAEL [Israel Composers League]

Menachem Begin rd. 55
Tel Aviv 67137
Fax: 972-3-5621282
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Webpage: http://www.israelcomposers.org/

The Israel Composers League (ICL) was founded in 1953. Its aim is to promote all kinds of contemporary concert music written in Israel, to improve the general welfare of composers living in the country and to bring the knowledge and awareness of music written by Israeli composers to the general public. It functions as the local section of the ISCM (International Society for Contemporary Music) and the ACL (Asian Composers League).

The League directs its main activities to organizing concerts, competitions for composers (young composers in particular), encouragement of young performers playing Israeli music, educational lectures at conservatories and academies of music and cultural exchanges of concerts and lectures with similar organizations in foreign countries. The Israel Composers League has established its own publishing house (IMC — Israeli Music Center), which publishes and distributes our members’ works. The ICL is also active in producing CDs of Israeli music culminating with the 2003 release of Psanterin — an anthology of Israeli piano music of the 20th century.

The Israel Composers League is a nonprofit organization, supported by the Ministry of Culture and Education, membership fees and contributions.


JAPAN [Japan Federation of Composers]

#101,1-19-4 Hatsudai
Tokyo 151-0061
Telephone: +81-3-6276-1177
Fax: +81-3-3376-3371
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Webpage: http://www.jfc.gr.jp/contents/jfc/AbouttheJFC.html

The Japan Federation of Composers (inc. 1962), is the Japanese Branch of the ACL, and an Associate Member of the ISCM. It has a membership of about 460, is the leading composers organization in Japan.

The JFC has worked actively to improve both the social conditions and creative life of composers in Japan while maintaining a friendly international relationship with fellow musicians throughout the world. All the functions of the JFC are operated by participating members and with funding raised by them individually. The present activities of the JFC include publications of scores and CDs, concerts, the maintenance of a list of all Japanese composers' works, the advocation for Japanese composers’ rights, provision of health insurance for composers, and membership of the ACL and ISCM.

MALAYSIA [Malaysian Composers Collective]

Malaysian Composers Collective
26 Lor Setiajasa 1, Bt Damansara
Kuala Lumpur 50490
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Webpage: http://www.malaysiancomposers.com

The Malaysian Composers Collective is a non-profit initiative to promote local new music, created as a division of Popfolio Sdn Bhd (formerly Soundworks, and owned by Hardesh Singh). The Collective has collaborated with local composers, musicians and partners such as HSBC Bank Malaysia Ltd, Goethe Institute Malaysia, Annexe Gallery and Off The Edge on pioneering projects such as the HSBC Young Composers Workshop 08, the anthology CD of Malaysian contemporary Music 'Faith, Hope & Chaos' and the KL Contemporary Music Festival 09.


NEW ZEALAND [Composers Association of New Zealand]

Composers Association of New Zealand (CANZ)
PO Box 4065
Wellington 6140
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Webpage: http://www.canz.net.nz

The Composers Association of New Zealand is the association for all amateur and professional composers in New Zealand. CANZ provides opportunities to composers through the Nelson Composers Workshop, the Asian Composers League and the International Society for Contemporary Music. CANZ also lobbies on behalf of its members to improve the situation for composers in New Zealand. CANZ contributes financially towards special projects, and awards two prizes annually. CANZ also produces two publications: Canzonetta, a bi-monthly newsletter, and Canzona, a retrospective yearbook.


ACL Taiwan National Committee
Danshui Post Box No. 2-40
New Taipei City 251
Telephone: +886-2-28975900
Fax: +886-2-2897-5900
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Webpage: http://www.acl-taiwan.org.tw

As one of the founding members of the Asian Composers League, the Asian Composers League – Taiwan National Committee was founded by Professor Tsang-Houei HSU in June 1974, with the goal of introducing and promoting music creation among member countries, and fostering the art of composing and the exchange of musical culture. As an active Full Member of the ACL, the ACL-Taiwan National Committee has established an international exchange network among all member countries. Being more than an important and continuous Taiwan cultural diplomacy, this network also has had an invaluable contribution in promoting Taiwan’s native composers and musicians to international music scene.

ACL-Taiwan has hosted five ACL conferences and festivals in 1976, 1986, 1994, 1998, and 2011, respectively. The 29th Asian Composers League Conference and Festival in 2011 included 30 sessions, consisting of meetings, lectures, forums, and 15 concerts, held in Taipei, Taichung, Nantou and Hsinchu. 105 works in total were performed by more than 500 musicians from orchestras, choirs, percussion groups, Chinese ensembles, and chamber ensembles.

TURKEY [New Music Coop of South/Southeastern Turkey]

Manolya sok. 46
Blok B no.1
Telephone: 0(538) 698-4940
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The New Music Coop creates new, or affiliates with, high-level performing groups. Many of our member composers compose for these groups. So far the Coop has been cooperating with three ensembles: 23 works for The Stockholm Saxophone Quartet, which have been widely used during the Quartet’s world tours; 12 works for The Coop’s Wind Ensemble, and 10 works for the Combo Trio (piano-double bass-percussion), which has been functioning only since 2011. In 2009 and 2010 (Istanbul Islands), 2011 (Marmaris, Datca and Mugla) and 2011 (Istanbul and Ankara), composers’ residences and concerts have been a source for the creation of 20 music works for a. saxophone quartet, b. wind ensemble, c. piano-double bass-percussion trio.